Pancakes as big as your head at Town Topic Hamburgers!

Jan2013 037That’s what twelve-year-old Auggie Pugh said when he ordered one of our pancakes! Auggie’s eight-year-old sister, Evie, said her favorite food at Town Topic is, “Everything!” Auggie loves that there are “jukeboxes everywhere” at Town Topic on Johnson Drive in Mission. The kids and their parents, Joe and Jennifer, also eat at both downtown locations, and visited Town Topic on Baltimore after showing their nephew Kansas City’s skyscrapers. Jennifer, who is often in the Crossroads District due to her work as an abstract artist, likes the small town feel of Town Topic, and says it brings back fond memories of the K-18 Diner in her hometown of Lucas, Kansas. “There aren’t many restaurants where you can talk to other customers and hear so many cool stories” says Joe.

Many thanks to the Pugh family for being such loyal customers!

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